July 2015 – Current



I currently work as freelancer with regular customers.

Jun 2018 – Dec 2019

Freelance Front-End Developer

IPB Software

System maintenance.

October 2017 – Current

Developer & System & Server Administrator

Perspekta doo

Within my skill set, I excel at various tasks, including:

  • Setting up and periodically updating servers
  • Proficient in Microsoft Azure management
  • Expertise in creating new websites, handling customization, and managing domains
  • Capable of establishing and maintaining professional email systems
  • Accomplished project manager
  • Skilled WordPress developer
  • Proficient in managing both Linux and Windows servers

Presently, through my association with Perspekta, I have been actively collaborating with a diverse range of esteemed clients, some of whom include:

  • Uprava za šume Srbije
  • Šumarska komora 2020-2022
  • Eminent komunikacije
  • Montagna
  • Synthesis Group & Synthesis Engineering
  • Delta Inženjering

These engagements have allowed me to continually enhance my abilities and deliver exemplary results to the organizations I serve.

October 2019 – Current

As a co-owner of Kulturni kišobran, I take pride in being part of a media news portal that focuses on cultural updates and events in Serbia & the Balkan region. Our platform serves as an informative and engaging source for all things related to culture, aiming to keep our audiences well-informed and connected to the vibrant cultural scene of the area.

January 2020 – Current

Developer, System & Server Administrator, Team Leader, Head of eSports department

Meridianbet doo

My primary responsibilities revolve around:

– Developing, upkeeping, and enhancing server infrastructure with a strong emphasis on security.
– Overseeing WHM, cPanels, and handling professional email systems.
– Designing and launching new websites, implementing themes, customizations, and effectively managing domains.
– Mentoring and guiding new team members in WordPress, SEO, and newly developed web applications.
– Serving as a team leader and IT Project Manager.

Furthermore, I am pleased to share that as of December 2022, I received a promotion to the eSports department, where I continue to contribute my expertise and leadership skills to further our success in this exciting domain.



Technician of road traffic

Politehnicka skola Kragujevac

Between 2011 and 2013, I attended Polytechnic School for my initial studies. Subsequently, I pursued an additional diploma, a prerequisite for university admission, and remarkably completed a 4-year program in a mere 1.5 years, from November 2013 to June 2015.


Graduete in culturology

John Naisbitt University.

At present, I am enrolled as a student at John Naisbitt University. My academic journey involves setting my sights on pursuing a Masters degree, and upon its completion, I aspire to undertake a PhD to further advance my education and expertise in my chosen field.

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Boris Bajovic

WordPress specialist / Meridianbet doo.

“I have been working with Nikola for over 2 years in the field of WordPress (mostly), and I can confidently say that our collaboration is impeccable. He is a highly ambitious, forward-thinking, talented, and highly motivated young man who generously shares his vast knowledge (across multiple areas) with everyone. An exceptional team player and colleague, I am eagerly looking forward to our cooperation on future projects.”

Miljana Miletic

Miljana Miletic

Journalist / Radio Slobodna Evropa.

“Nikola and I co-founded and managed the Kulturni kišobran portal together for several years.

During that time, Nikola was responsible for the IT aspect of our work, and he handled it with exceptional professionalism. He diligently maintained the website, swiftly and calmly resolving any technical issues that arose.

Beyond his expertise in IT, he showcased his creativity, evident in the modern and well-designed appearance of the website he created.

Moreover, he remarkably developed a mobile application for the portal in record time, which not only boasts user-friendliness and clarity but also rivals applications of larger media outlets in terms of design.

Apart from his technical contributions, Nikola displayed creativity in other vital aspects of the portal. He made valuable contributions in journalism, primarily through video and photo content, as well as editing. As editors of the portal, we greatly relied on his support for textual content as well. Any idea we had was easily brought to life, and during our collaboration, he even produced and edited an advertisement for the portal.

Throughout our shared journey, Nikola demonstrated versatility, a desire for progress, a thirst for learning, and unwavering enthusiasm. Undoubtedly, these qualities played a significant role in our successful creation of a portal that has gained respect and recognition for its quality in Serbia.”


Mirjana Leverda Zdravkovic

CEO / Perspekta doo.

“After more than 5 years of collaboration, I can confidently say that working with Nikola deserves the utmost respect. He is highly motivated, possesses extensive knowledge in his field of work, and always approaches tasks and problem-solving with a positive and creative mindset. His skills and professionalism consistently maintain a high standard, contributing to the continuous development of the IT sector at Perspekta.”

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